Our marketing department will provide you with support in terms of your strategy and image.
Our highly enthusiastic marketing team receives each marketing brief submitted to ALPOL Cosmétique and carries out a detailed examination of it in order to source the most suitable active ingredients and textures for you.

Each marketing brief is carefully studied and adapted according to your wishes. Our team methodically analyses your requirements in order to be able to propose products well-suited to your strategy and brand image, matching the identity and philosophy of your business. These are the first steps towards a close working relationship and a successful partnership. Highly attentive to your ambitions and desires, we listen carefully to your requirements in order to satisfy them as effectively as possible.

We propose a wide range of textures to meet your needs, a selection of active ingredients meeting your future requirements and help you to make the right choices. As another important component with a high influence on the purchasing decision, the packaging for your product must also be carefully selected based on a clear strategy. We can propose a range of packaging items to you, suited to your concept, the target market for which your product is intended and your budget, etc.