Research & Development

From the development of formulas to the transfer to industrial production, not forgetting reformulations, our Research and Development team will support you all the way in your project and supervise things at every stage through to the final availability of the product. Our scientific experts are on hand to listen to your needs when it comes to developing formulas and to propose a co-ordinated response to your conditions and specifications.

Our team of biochemists, chemists and pharmaceutical form specialists contribute their expertise and professionalism to assist with the development of your unique, custom projects.

From design through to the transfer to industrial production, our laboratories operate as a genuine interface between research and marketing. We develop effective and innovative turnkey cosmetic formulas on your behalf:

  • Identifying active ingredients and pharmaceutical products, with innovation and effectiveness always foremost in mind.
  • Developing formulas compliant with the applicable regulations in the countries in which the products are to be sold.
  • Monitoring the stability and compatibility between different contents and containers.
  • Managing challenges tests and product safety.
  • Managing efficacy tests and objectification.
  • Transfer to industrial production, working closely with the production teams.

Combining sensory aspects, creativity and established scientific knowledge, our team will bring your projects the innovative properties of tomorrow.