Working closely with the R&D department, our production teams handle the transfer of your formulas to industrial production, their packing in the packaging materials of your choice and the forwarding of your finished products to the chosen location. From the weighing of the raw materials through to delivery, our quality system tracks every production stage thanks to a computer-aided production management system

The production teams handle the transfer to industrial production in compliance with the GMP, ensuring perfect reproducibility for future production batches. Our range of machines enables us to manufacture batches from the trial stage up to a quantity of 1800L in a single operation.

This is followed by the packing of the bulk product in the packaging items chosen together or by you. Our comprehensive and varied range of resources enables us to pack into a variety of packaging types including tubes, pots, pump bottles or ampoules, as well as carrying out labelling. We also have machinery allowing for the la boxing of your products in addition to their cellophane wrapping, sealing, wrapping and sleeving, etc. Our logistics teams then handle the transport.

All of these activities are tracked and recorded using our quality system by means of computer-aided production management system as your product progresses through each of our departments. ALPOL Cosmétique guarantees total production traceability for your bulk and packaged products, from the weighing of the raw materials to the despatching of the finished products.