Packing and Packaging

Our team of industrial services experts bring you a high quality, precise service to help you deliver your finished product in keeping with the original plan. Our recent and diverse range of machines enables us to meet all your specific needs speedily and responsively thanks to our recognised experience.

Our recently upgraded array of machines is constantly improving, enabling us to offer a complete and varied service.

This includes:

  • Tube filling lines ranging from 3 to 300ml
  • A conventional bottle filling line including pump or airless bottles ranging from 5ml to a litre
  • A pot filling line ranging from 5ml to a litre
  • Plastic ampoule fillers
  • High-performance multi-size labelling machines
  • Automatic boxing machines
  • Cellophane wrapping machines, sealing machines, wrapping and sleeving systems, etc.

Our team of industrial services experts will examine your requirements and provide you with optimal solutions to offer you a high quality service with a finished product supplied as jointly planned, intended and designed together.