The teams from our logistics department manage and define incoming goods flows, storage and the various aspects of each project, from the point of entry to the final delivery point. The members of this department (with its floor space recently extended to 4000m²), manage the reception and storage of raw materials, packaging items and bulk manufactured product before packing and packaging, in addition to finished and semi-finished products, and also handle their packing and shipment.

Thanks to its warehouse spanning more than 4000m² with clearly defined storage areas, ALPOL Cosmétique is able to receive and store raw materials intended for production, packaging items, bulk manufactured product awaiting packing, in addition to finished and/or semi-finished products and handle their packing and shipment to the delivery point.

This warehouse also contains a marked out area for the storage of raw materials considered as hazardous, a cool chain storage area and finally a specific area for acids and basics needing to be identified as such.

The logistical activities are recorded in our quality system allowing for reliable traceability of the logistical flows for each item.