Controle lab

At each stage of the production process, we verify and identify the specific characteristics of your projects and products to ensure that these are fit for sale. The R&D Laboratory sets standards for appearance, viscosity and pH which are checked at each stage in our production process in accordance with our quality system to ensure the products meet your needs.

Our analysis laboratory located in the production and packing areas carries out physicochemical, organoleptic and microbiological checks at various stages in the production process:

  • Inspection of all materials at the time of reception. The teams check the specific characteristics of each incoming product in relation to the standards provided by our suppliers.
  • Inspection of bulk product during production. The R&D laboratory determines the vital characteristics to be checked and compared to the specified standards.
  • Verification during the packing and packaging phase. The teams from the industrial services department determine the standards and filling volumes needed to meet the client’s schedule of conditions. The laboratory then inspects the finished products.
  • Inspection and release of the finished product for shipment. Bacteriological tests are carried out on certain finished products. The results obtained will determine the suitability of the merchandise and therefore its clearance for shipment.